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There are a variety of non-playing characters (NPCs) in Susurrus. They can be enlisted for aid and relationships with them can be developed.

Some of these characters include:

  • Adam Brown: an almost too bland man (affiliated with Vanguard Sol).
  • Agent Mandalia: that's correct, her first name is Agent and yes, that is a tarantula with her (affiliated with Hermes).
  • Alan Sharpe: (affiliated with DSI).
  • Carolina Perez: a lady in a blue-suit (affiliated with DSI).
  • Cheryl Gandolfini: (affiliated with The Gandolfinis).
  • Alisha DuBois: an employee of Chaudhary & Bloodworth Funeral Home and a relatively recently turned vampire.
  • Charles Reddinger: a philosophy professor at Stratton University (affiliated with Scale and Compass).
  • Bethany Steele: a persuasive and passionate leader (affiliated with Rhytec).
  • Christopher Prentice: the definition of a rich white boy (affiliated with Scale and Compass).
  • Dr. Wing Li: a geneticist (affiliated with Phaedron Labs).
  • Ethan Rye: a werewolf (affiliated with Hermes).
  • Giancarlo Gandolfini: the leader of the Family (affiliated with The Gandolfinis).
  • Guru Dan: the leader of the Church (affiliated with The Church of Eternal Life).
  • Imani Leveque: a US Senator with a background in science (affiliated with Vanguard Sol).
  • Jared Haber: a literature student and mage who can often be found at Stratton University.
  • L: a lady shrouded in mystery with exceptional combat skills.
  • Leaf: a strange man with his face half-covered in scars (affiliated with The Church of Eternal Life).
  • Melinda Corazon: simply put, a pragmatic woman through and through (affiliated with Phaedron Labs).
  • Miguel DeSoto: a friendly and well-dressed man, but there's something strange about him... (affiliated with The Guild).
  • Mr. Ferri: a well-dressed old man (affiliated with The Gandolfinis).
  • Mrs. Grey: an efficient and dedicated woman (affiliated with Rhytec).
  • Oluchi Emeagwali: a gifted mage and scientist (affiliated with Hermes).
  • Samantha Lerner: (affiliated with DSI).
  • Sergei Kirov: though he has a beard like Saint Nick, you have a sinking feeling that "Saint" is not a fitting title for him (affiliated with The Guild).
  • Shalini Vipattiwala: a true believer in the Church (affiliated with The Church of Eternal Life).
  • Skyler Jarrett: a talkative woman who is friends with conspiracy theorists (affiliated with Vanguard Sol).
  • Troy Aston: the captain of a security team (affiliated with Phaedron Labs).
  • Vanessa Haverhill: the branch manager of the People’s Bank (affiliated with Scale and Compass).
  • Wendy Trang: a hotheaded lady who knows how to throw a knife (affiliated with The Guild).
  • Zenith: a very snazzy dresser (affiliated with Rhytec).