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For untold eons, the shapeshifters and wild folk have lived on the fringes of the world and in the heart of civilization alike, carrying on their secret traditions. To them, with skins infected by ancient magic, the natural world is no mere backdrop, but an infinite playground to explore on two legs and on four. Possessing uncanny perception, werewolves seek to live in harmony with their familial packs and the larger world.

As a werewolf, you can enhance your play with powerful temporary boosts to perception and combat. You'll be vulnerable to suspicion from the mundane world, but resistant to psychological stress.

The player can choose to become a werewolf in Susurrus.

Werewolfs build a form of hunger called "Wanderlust" by using their werewolf powers to augment combat and perception skills. Wanderlust build up will lower primary statistics.